Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello from a Newbie

My name is Maggee, and I am happy to be a part of your group. I have been stitching off and on since the late 1990's, tho much more seriously since 2006. And I just switched to linen last year, so have been experimenting with so many new fabrics! I recently finished a small piece on 40-count. It wasn't so bad...I LOVE overdyed fabrics and threads and also silks! I am married with 3 grown children (and 3.25 grandchildren--my middle daughter is pregnant)and I work full time, so my stitching time is very precious. Thanks for letting me join this group. I look forward to fun exchanging.




Gillie said...

Hi Maggee, welcome! I came back to stitching too, last year, and am addicted. We are expecting our second grandchild soon, too and are also just about to move. Fingers crossed that we sell the house!

Lisa said...

Hi Maggee, welcome to the group. LISA V

Edit said...

Welcome to the group Maggee, hope you will enjoy exchanging with us.

WendyJo said...

Hi Maggee,

Good to see you here! Looking forward to exchanging with you.

Wendy Jo