Friday, March 13, 2009

Stitching Exchanging Guidelines

Your partner will be secret, so please remember not to let the cat out of the bag! This person will not necessarily be the same person you receive from either, so you won't know who or where your parcel will come from!!

A good tip can be to check your partners blog to see if you can find out some of their preferences. Please make sure you send a little note though, so they know who to thank when it arrives.

Stitched Items
Remember that not everyone is at the same stitching level so some may receive more advanced/intricate pieces than others. Same goes for finishing of items.

Having said that, I know that everyone will be taking utmost care to stitch something they will be proud to send.

Mail Out
We are an international group, so please be aware that you will be required to mail overseas at times.
All participants must post out by the date given. If you cannot meet the deadline, please let us know, we all know that life gets in the way sometimes. If this is the case, it doesn't matter how long it takes, so long as you fulfil your commitment.
Communication is the key. We don't bite...... honest!

When you mail your item, please post to the blog that you have done so (without letting us know who to lol)

When you Receive your exchange....
Don't forget to post to the blog when you receive your exchange. A pic as well if you can. We all love to check them out

Failure to Send
The boring bit..............

Anyone who signs up for an exchange and who does not send to their partner will not be allowed to join another exchange, of any sort, until they make good.

No one participating in an exchange on will miss out on an item. If someone's partner does not meet their commitment, then the co-ordinator or one of her helpers, will step in to make sure they receive something.

Please do not be put off by these guidelines. They were put in place for everyone’s protection. We have all been in the situation where people who agreed to participate in an exchange did not follow through so their partner missed out. We do not want to see that happen here.

Most importantly, enjoy your exchanges and have fun stitching!!!

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stitchenmylifeaway said...

The guide lines sound very reasonable to me. I also volunteer to be a helper if an item is not sent. I'm looking forward to our first exchange.