Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our First Exchange

Ok, our first exchange is going to be a Pinkeep - nice and easy :-)
If you are interested in joining please email me at with your name, snail address, blog and any preferences. I will send you an email to confirm.

As this is our first exchange, I will take signups til March 21. Partners will be assigned March 22.
Mail out date will be April 13.

Don't forget partners will be secret.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask
Have I forgotten anything?


Yoyo said...

Oh goody...we're starting. I'm in, just sent my e-mail.

There is a Pinkeep a Month SAL going on right now with three designs for Pinkeeps posted if anybody is interested. She also has a Pinkeep Tutorial posted on her blog. Le Grilles de Maryse.

Lynn said...

My email is on it's way! this should be lots of FUN for all!

Yoyo said...

Just popped back to get the dates on this so I can put it in my Calendar....Marie, I'm thinking your "assign a name date" and "mailing date" might be a little short on time. I don't usually begin to stitch the project until I get the partner's name so that I can look at their blog or wishlist or something and then chose a design that will go with that person's tastes. And I know I have a really hard time getting a pinkeep done from start to finish in 21 days.

Just for a point of reference: I'm currently working on a Pinkeep a Month SAL and it's taking me an average of 3 weeks (which is 21 days) to get a pinkeep finished. I am working on them as often as I can and really pushing myself to get them finished before the next design is released. Also, I live in a really rural area so if I have to do any shopping for my design it could take longer -- I'm not driving 60 miles in to town for one skein of floss.

My point being...I think 21 days is slightly tight. I could do it and I'm sure there are others who could. But if shopping is required, or if the person is a little more on the "beginner" side you might be crowding their schedule and then they wouldn't be having lots of FUN FUN FUN.

So I guess, what I'm suggesting is, can (or should) we make it more like a month from "announce" date to "mail date". I think most projects can be completed in a month, but anything less than that might be hard for some stitchers.

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