Sunday, March 8, 2009


Like so many I love cross stitch & enjoy exchanging items I have stitched. How much more fun is it to get wonderful stitchy surprises in the mail than bills? Since many of the groups and blogs I have encountered are full, I decided to start one!! So I hope we end up with some great new friends here and can have lots of fun!


stitchenmylifeaway said...

How do I sign up? I love to exchange but do not have a lot of money for the "extras" that so many exchanges expect. With shipping international it gets so expensive. Pleasel let me know.

shay toner@

Marie said...

Hi Shay, I've emailed you but not sure if I got the email right?

Yoyo said...

I'm in. Got my invite and did all the clicky stuff. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate I know I'll enjoy it and hope we get lots of lovely fun stitchers to make it a lively group.