Thursday, March 12, 2009


Thanks Yoyo for that info :-)

Shay, great idea - I had put a 'useful links' section at the side, but have had nothing to put in it yet, so it doesn't show up lol. So if anyone has some great links for tutorials etc let me know. You are all now listed as authors, so able to post.

Shay has already given me a couple of ideas for exchanges she is interested in - anyone else have any they would like?


Yoyo said...

The Basket of Biscornu blog has some great links on their right side bar for finishing smalls, hop on over and copy some. And Focus on Finishing has quite a few nice tutorials.

I like almost all the smalls. We could do an exchange of a certain designer -- but sometimes that makes people spend money on a chart so you could broaden that to "style" like Primitive or Quaker, something like that. Holiday designs of course. One exchange that is a your choice freebie design is always fun. Nobody ever knows what they are going to get from that one, lots of great surprises. Bookmarks are quick and easy -- unless they are from HAED (sorry, private joke, I'm doing one of those, aaarrrrggghhhh).

Marie said...

No comment on the HAED lol Do they do bookmarks? I can't imagine it lol

Good idea about 'in the style of'. It is sometimes much easier to find something along the same lines. I'm making a note of all the ideas. I'll get onto some links over the next couple of days. I did add a cross stitch calculator that I found on someone's blog. had to change the blog colour though cos it didn't show up well with the black

Michelle said...

Hi Marie,
how do I join?
I am a member of xsers
Michelle in Brissy

Marie said...

Hi Michelle

I'll send you an invitation :-)

Yoyo said...

More links for the side bar:

Pinkeep in English and a bit different finish than that of Maryse, also flat fold and Altoid Tin: at The Twisted Stitcher's Tutorials

Super Biscornu (15 sides) and Lotus Biscornu (variation on the 15 sides) in English at Tinktock Tap

A couple of no sew tutorials, among other things at Craft Leftovers

Links to several tutorials at Focus on Finishing.

More suggestions for exchanges, sorry if I'm duplicating suggestions. How about Mail Art, I know there are lots of us that have not done this yet and it is soooooooooooooo kewl! Several free designs for mail art envelopes are in the blog AlarTTex. You have to scroll the blog, it's in Spanish but you can use the translation tool or just watch the pictures until you see what is obviously the grid for an envelope, I found at least 7 free designs for mail art.

Also, Altoid Tin or other type cover the tin exchange, flat fold exchange, needle book, needle roll, cube, pillow mattress, covered box. That's about all I can think of today, sorry if I'm overwhelming you with suggestions but I guess it's good to have a nice long list, just in case.