Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We are growing!!

Wow, there are 4 of us! Welcome everyone :-)

Now, I am going to have to rely on you all for some feedback here in setting oup OUR blog lol.
I have added links to our blogs in the members list - is this ok with everyone? Also, I have been giving some thought to rules, or guidelines. Shay bought up the extras issue. I said I think we should make it as a lot of other groups do - no extras are to be expected. Postage can be a killer these days, as can be the exchage rate - making the cost of stash ridiculous in some places. So, while extras are nice, they are just that - extra. What are everyone elses thoughts? Any other good tips before I write guidelines?

Now, are you guys happy to promote our blog? We'd love some more members so we can get our first exchange happening!


Lynn said...

Hmmm. I know some groups limit the number to 100 members. I think that's so it's easier to handle emails and exchanges? Or maybe that's a rule of Blogger? Not sure how many members you'd like to have in your group? I'm sure you'll have many wanting to join when the word is out more. Good luck and thanks for offering this to us all!

Marie said...

I think I remember reading that the 100 limit is set by Blogger. I can't imagine us getting that many people!!!

Yoyo said...

Right, blogger will only let there be 100 "authors" to the blog, and you might get that many, there are lots of us out here (LOL).

I like the idea of limiting the extras..one of my groups limits extras to one and it says in the rules "Like a skein of thread, or a pkg of needles". I like that as it means you REALLY aren't expected to buy 3 charts and four yards of lace and...and...and. Some people are still putting more extras and I think that's were sometimes those who can't afford to put them in get to feeling bad because the photos show a whole bunch of goodies. Could you say in the rules, there is a limit of ONE extra...if you receive more great...but chose one for your photo and only one. You can always post on your own blog or e-mail thanks for the many goodies to the sender but here on this blog, show us only one extra. I don't know, it's a thought.

Query: Can we advertise this new group/blog on our own blogs?

Now, Marie....can you send me an e-mail, the one I got for the invite was a NO-REPLY address and I have an unrelated thing to ask you about.

Marie said...

MMM, will have to give it some thought - I know what you mean though, some people are so generous!
My email is jazzo5351@bigpond.com.
And yes, I'd love it if you would advertise us on your blog :-)

stitchenmylifeaway said...

Would someone tell me how to put an add for the group on my blog? I promis to update it really soon. with exchange and WIP pic.

Can we have a section with links to tutorials and instructions for finishing smalls?

Thanks Marie and Karen for starting the group

Yoyo said...

Thanks, Marie.

Oh, I definitely like the idea of the links, great idea Shay.

To make a link to this group (or any other website) on your blog:

Type the words you want to say about Stitching and Exchanging in your text.

Now put your cursor directly in front of the S in stitching and highlight the words Stitching and Exchanging only. Now look on your menu bar, there should be a little icon that looks like a link in a chain. Click that icon. A window will come up. In that window type the URL (the entire web address) where you want the link to go -- in this case you would type

http:// www. stitchingexchanging . blogspot . com DO NOT PUT IN THE SPACES

Click ok.

That should do it.

If this does not work (depending on your blog platform), please send me e-mail -- there is a way to do this manually and it is very easy.

SGVChicago said...

Purchased things are nice and yet, they are purchased. I love when I get a little fob or stitche inchie as a gift....it is the heart of what we do.....whatever is the general consensus is fine with me....I am very excited about the exchange and getting to know all of you!