Monday, October 26, 2009

Harvest Exchange from Aubree

I finally found the camera and got to snap a picture of this beautiful Harvest Exchange I received this week.
Harvest Exchange from Aubree

The little scissor fob is weighted with something that feels suspiciously like BBs. I really love the fabric Aubree used for the needle book, along with the 'Fall' design it just feels like such a happy little piece. I'll bet she had fun putting that together (LOL). There were also some really cute 'extras' in the package which will be included in my blog post. Thank you so much Aubree, this is a really lovely exchange piece.

Oh, and I finally managed to get my harvest piece finished, it will go in the mail first thing tomorrow. Sorry I am so awful late partner. You all should see me sitting in my chair with my feet all tucked up and my knees in my face trying to stitch, hubby keeps threatening to get a picture but I told him I'd throw a chair at him if he does. Anyway, I thank my dear partner for being so patient with me. You'll receive it soon now.

Happy Stitching,
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