Saturday, October 24, 2009

LHN Exchange

Hi guys

So sorry I haven't been around. In a way I wish I was still off sick!! At least I had heaps of blogging and stitching time. These days I am out of the house at 5.30am and not home til 6 most evenings. It sucks!! But things will change (they better lol)

Thank you so much to Yoyo for keeping things going! I will email you this afternoon :-) I'm grabbing some computer and me time!

I have loved seeing everyones Harvest exchanges arriving!! They have been beautiful!!

I have waited in vain for Wendy's LHN to arrive, but finally have to giev up I think :-(. I have stitched a replacement so will get that off to you on Monday Wendy. I did want to show off the missing piece though so I'll post a pic of it on my blog later on when I update it (so call it vanity lol, I was soooo proud of how it turned out!!)



Yoyo said...

Hey girl, nice to have you getting back into things. You were missed. I hope we did ok while you were recuperating even if I did manage to get behind-ish myself. Sorry to hear Wendy's package hasn't showed up. It will...right after you mail a new one, it's happened to me once this year too.

WendyJo said...
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WendyJo said...

Hi Marie,
I just sent an e-mail to Yoyo about the exchange. But the mail has been unreliable alot lately it seems. I plan to mail Christmas package a bit earlier than normal.