Wednesday, June 24, 2009

News and other news

Hello everybody -- welcome to our new members, so glad to have you on board! The good news is Marie is beginning to feel better -- not well yet, but much better. We may have her back with us soon. Please take care Marie, no more relapses!

On the Just Nan Exchange, we will be keeping the June 29th mail out date. I still need one more person to send me their address -- and I'm sorry right at the moment I can't remember who that is, but I'll bet you know who you are. If you haven't sent me your snail mail address and are in the Just Nan Exchange please send as soon as you can (yoyo_9203 at yahoo dot com). I would like to send Partner Names out on Friday (June 26th).

On the LittleHouse Needleworks Exchange...... Marie and I would like you to remember that this is 'our' first time at organizing a group exchange so we will make a few mistakes here and there. It has just come to our attention that LHN does not have any free designs - internet or otherwise - that we can find. (If you know of any please let us know). Anyway, in the interests of fairness all around, and knowing that some of our members may be on tighter budgets than others we really would like to have any "designer" exchange we do have some free designs available. So we would like to change the LHN Exchange to "In The Style of LittleHouse Needleworks"....which, we hope, would give members the opportunity to offer stitched pieces very much like LHN but using a 'free' chart. This is our idea, but we do want your input on this idea. Please leave us a comment (or send me e-mail) and let us know if you are agreeable -- or not-- to stitching and receiving a design "in the style of" LHN or if you would prefer that we stay with the original designer (LHN) knowing that some members may not be able to join in this exchange at this time. Both Marie and I regret not having looked deeper into the designer's offerings before calling out this next exchange and we will certainly try not to do something like this again. And we sincerely regret any inconvenience we may have caused you. Since we are able to keep the Just Nan mailing date as is I think we can leave the dates for this exchange as they are as well.

Oh, and if you are agreeable to changing to "in the style of LHN" it would be nice if you could put in your comment any designers names you know about that actually do design in that style. I personally am not acquainted with that many designers so it will take me a bunch of internet searching to find them on my own (which I can do, of course) but if you already know them please jot them down in your comment.

Now, I'm going to find a 'finish' for my lovely little Just Nan will be a surprise to me just as much as my partner because I've been looking at it for days wondering how I will finish it. I think I got pinkeeped-out after about the 8th one I made so at least I know it won't be a pinkeep (LOL).

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Edit said...

LHN has some free designs, but unfortunately they cannot be downloaded, they are usually complementary in magazines or distributed by needlework shops, but always on paper, not in a digital form.

Edit said...

E.g. there is now one at Casa Cenina webshop (, you can get it when you order something, but it cannot be downloaded :(

Bonnie said...

Just making sure I am in the Just Nan Exchange?

Yoyo said...

Yes, we both have seen the ones that are complimentary when you buy something and I have several in magazines....but in both these cases you have to buy something to get it.

So, no comments yeah or nay on the current questions?

Elisa said...

I have quite a few LHN charts so am happy for LHN designs.

Kate said...

Yea, to the in the style of LHN.

Lisa said...

I am happy either way, I have some LHN charts. Dont really know of another designer along the same lines apart from CCN but you will have the same problem there too.