Monday, June 15, 2009

Back but tired

Hi everyone, no I haven't fallen off the planet, but it sure feels like it. Yes it's the neverending saga - I have just returned from the hospital yet again, more surgery and very tired. I haven't had a chance to wade through my inbox but I do see a couple of messages there - I'm hoping to get email time tomorrow after a good night's sleep. We also have some new members waiting for approval, so will get to that tomorrow as well. Since this still seems an ongoing problem is there anyone interested in being a deputy blog mum - or whatever the term should be lol. I feel awful the JN exchange is so late, but it WILL be going ahead, as will the LNH.


Edit said...

Marie, I hope you are getting better soon! Edit

Gillie said...

Hey, Marie, stop right there! Your health is THE most important thing, right now. Do hope everything has been sorted. If you give me some idea of what is involved would love to be a deputy blog mum!

Yoyo said...

You rest and heal!! that is the most important thing. You know I will help with the exchange if you don't feel well enough yet to do it!!! I'm sure each of us will understand the delay. Nothing is more important than you getting well!

Big gentle hugs and healing energy coming your way.