Thursday, May 21, 2009

Logo for Stitching Exchanging

Dear All,

I was thinking it would be nice to have a logo for Stitching Exchanging that we could put on our own blogs with a link to this site. What do you think about this one?


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bonnie & Edit

I didn't get your email Bonnie :-(, were you wanting to join?

Edit, I'll add you when I get home tonoght - can you email me your snail address please.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Nan Exchange

Last call for anyone wanting to join. I am changing the mailout date to June 29 as I have not even allocated partners yet. I will do this over the next couple of days - so if we have anyone who has decided they would like to join, let me know :-)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Do I have a brain?

I really dont think so at the moment lol. Yes Kate, you're right, it should read August for the LHN exchange.
Great to have you hear Gillian - yes we stitch something from Just Nan, finish it and sent it out, then the same for LHN next time.



We are going to stitch a Just Nan piece, and mail it out in June. Then we will stitch a LHN piece and mail it out in, I suspect August.

New member!

Thank you for letting me join! I have a question about the next exchange, do we stitch something from LHN, finish it, and then send it? And the same for Just Nan?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have sorted out our member list so it in on the blog with a link in the sidebar. I'm hoping we grow so much that it would have taken up way too much room otherwise lol. So please don't forget to promote us! Some have been doing a great job of flying the flag :-)

Speaking of which, we have a new member - Gillian!!

I have also updated the exchanges. Sign up for the Just Nan Exchange is May 16. Our next exchange will be Little House Needleworks, as suggested by one of our members (sorry my brain is still mush - I don't remember who it was) I have also added my email to the header to make it easier to join as Yoyo suggested :-). Any suggestions about layout of the blog, future exchanges etc is gratefully received!!! After all, this is your blog too!!!!!!!!!!!!


Member List

Wendy Jo

Monday, May 11, 2009


Both of my pinkeeps arrived on the same day :-) Thank you so much Yoyo and Bonnie - they are both gorgeous, and I loved the extra goodies you sent. I am so glad that both of the ones I sent arrived safe and sound and are loved by their new owners!! I will have to get around to taking pics - I am not that organised at the moment.

Isn't it wonderful that I can report that our first exchange was a resounding success!!! 100% success rate in fact. Well done everyone!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Pinkeep has arrived!

Today I received in my mailbox my pinkeep from Marie all the way from Australia! She sent the cutest pinkeep with a lady bug design. On the back side is the cutest ladybug fabric. She also sent along some trims for my stitching finishes and a piece of heart cute too! Plus she also sent along some hand dyed flosses from Australia as well. THANK YOU so much Marie!

Pinkeep From Marie

I have received a most beautiful pinkeep from Marie. She chose a design of a colonial house that I really like. It is so delicate and beautifully stitched and finished. The back is stitched with the words, "In this keep my pins may sleep". She added a pastel green ribbon around the edges and added some pins on each side. She also sent 3 skeins of pretty floss from Australia, some pretty Lady Bird Fabric ( I really like lady birds and already have some ideas on how to use it) and some lace and ribbons that I can add to my stash. Marie also included a Key Ring from Australia. I have placed it on my ring of keys that I use at work znd wear on my belt loop. I had a hard time getting it attatched so I have no picture of it. Didn't think you wanted to see a pic
of my keys, lol. Thanks so much Marie,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pinkeep received

I received the loveliest little pinkeep from Kate...but my camera has taken a walk in the park with the boy scouts today so I will post a picture tomorrow. I just didn't want Kate to worry it hadn't arrived yet.

Since this post

Side one, a
lovely stitcher's design.

is still at the top I'm adding the pictures. This is Kate's first pinkeep, but you sure can't tell it,she did a wonderful job and I'm soooooo happy to have this addition to my fast growing collection of pinkeeps. She put some lovely lace for the edging and then ---- she very cleverly stitched both sides of her pinkeep, is that cool or what!! She also included some extra's in the exchange but I forgot to get a total picture and I

A darling kitty, with
Kate's initials on the other side.

really need to get my burning eyes off the computer screen so I can't show you the exquisite little stitching charms and other items she sent me, I love them. As soon as I saw the dragonfly charm I remembered a small ornament chart I have not stitched because I didn't have a dragonfly charm to put on that might come around soon! Thank you so much Kate for a beautiful pinkeep and a lovely exchange.

My Blog, Home of the Totally Useless SAL, come on over and join the fun.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pinkeep Exchange Update

Ok, bearing in mind I am still a bit fuzzy after my Op on Tuesday, I have sat down to work out where we are up to. From reading posts it looks like all have posted out - well done!!!
So far the Pinkeeps that have made it to their new homes homes were for Shay, Kate and Sharon. Am I correct? Or have I missed someone.

I have to say it's so exciting seeing the pics coming in!!