Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pinkeep From Marie

I have received a most beautiful pinkeep from Marie. She chose a design of a colonial house that I really like. It is so delicate and beautifully stitched and finished. The back is stitched with the words, "In this keep my pins may sleep". She added a pastel green ribbon around the edges and added some pins on each side. She also sent 3 skeins of pretty floss from Australia, some pretty Lady Bird Fabric ( I really like lady birds and already have some ideas on how to use it) and some lace and ribbons that I can add to my stash. Marie also included a Key Ring from Australia. I have placed it on my ring of keys that I use at work znd wear on my belt loop. I had a hard time getting it attatched so I have no picture of it. Didn't think you wanted to see a pic
of my keys, lol. Thanks so much Marie,

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