Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have sorted out our member list so it in on the blog with a link in the sidebar. I'm hoping we grow so much that it would have taken up way too much room otherwise lol. So please don't forget to promote us! Some have been doing a great job of flying the flag :-)

Speaking of which, we have a new member - Gillian!!

I have also updated the exchanges. Sign up for the Just Nan Exchange is May 16. Our next exchange will be Little House Needleworks, as suggested by one of our members (sorry my brain is still mush - I don't remember who it was) I have also added my email to the header to make it easier to join as Yoyo suggested :-). Any suggestions about layout of the blog, future exchanges etc is gratefully received!!! After all, this is your blog too!!!!!!!!!!!!


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