Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pinkeep received

I received the loveliest little pinkeep from Kate...but my camera has taken a walk in the park with the boy scouts today so I will post a picture tomorrow. I just didn't want Kate to worry it hadn't arrived yet.

Since this post

Side one, a
lovely stitcher's design.

is still at the top I'm adding the pictures. This is Kate's first pinkeep, but you sure can't tell it,she did a wonderful job and I'm soooooo happy to have this addition to my fast growing collection of pinkeeps. She put some lovely lace for the edging and then ---- she very cleverly stitched both sides of her pinkeep, is that cool or what!! She also included some extra's in the exchange but I forgot to get a total picture and I

A darling kitty, with
Kate's initials on the other side.

really need to get my burning eyes off the computer screen so I can't show you the exquisite little stitching charms and other items she sent me, I love them. As soon as I saw the dragonfly charm I remembered a small ornament chart I have not stitched because I didn't have a dragonfly charm to put on that might come around soon! Thank you so much Kate for a beautiful pinkeep and a lovely exchange.

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