Sunday, August 23, 2009


I was just trying to determine if all of our Just Nan's are sent/received...and it was pretty hard to figure out because we're not putting any labels, or we're putting incorrect labels, or we have some not quite duplicate labels on our posts.

The list of searchable labels is complied by a computer, so remember that old saying "garbage in, garbage out"? The computer is quite literal, Yo Yo is not the same as Yoyo to the machine.

Please try to use the SHOW ALL feature when you label your posts (it's just to the right side of the label box). For instance, if you receive an exchange from me and want to put my name as a label, when you click on Show All you would see "Yoyo" as a previous label and you would not be tempted to type "Yo-Yo" or "Yo Yo" or "yoyo", see what I mean, we can get a lot of labels that are really only one label. If we use that Show All feature, we just click on the previously used label and it will magically appear in the label box and make searching ever so much easier.

It would really be lovely if you could put Your Name, the Exchange Name and Your Partner's name if that has already been revealed in every post. If there is something unique about this post, then add a new label if you like, for example the type of finish or the source of the design, or the off topic subject even. Just remember labels should be 'general' and of a nature to be a useful 'search criteria' to other readers.

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