Monday, August 17, 2009

How are we doing

I've been having internet problems for several days, my new computer didn't want to interact with the router so could not get to the internet or if I did get there the connection would die in just a few minutes, aaarrrgggg. But I think I've fixed the problem for now so I thought I'd ask how are all the In the Style of LHN participants doing? The mailing date for this exchange has just past. If you have not mailed yet please let me know. And of course we're all looking forward to seeing your posts on the pieces received. (my e-mail is yoyo_9203 at yahoo dot com)


Just as an aside, I'm a member of another exchange group that is having some terrible problems with getting/sending exchanges and it's mostly due to lack of communication, so please please tell us if there is anything going on that is useful for us to know. Not just now, but for always. It is a real bummer to the entire group when a very few members start posting complaints that could have been totally avoided with an explanatory e-mail.I think we've done pretty good while Marie was recovering and I'm sure Marie and I both want this group to continue to be a nice happy, friendly place. So don't be afraid to e-mail me and say you're running late or whatever else is on your mind. We know life sometimes happens so if you have a problem let us know and together we might be able to solve it before it becomes a problem for the whole group. And that's enough on that nasty subject.


I'm also bouncing e-mails with Marie right now to decide on the next exchange, so hang in for a couple of days and we'll get it announced. And just by the way, Marie seems to be doing really well. I expect she'll be back with us full time very very soon.

I just noticed today that I have not been attending to keeping up the Membership List. I just completely forgot all about it, duh! I know we've gotten several new members in the last few weeks so I'll run through my e-mails and look up all your names and get that fixed up in a jiffy, but it wouldn't hurt for everybody to look at the membership list and put a comment on this post if you are not on it.

Happy Stitching and may your mailbox be full!!


Gaynor said...

I am a bit worried... I used registered post and tracking my item, it says item has been received but my exchange partner has not mentioned it being received. I am happy to leave it another week and hope it has just been received by the local post office and that it is received this week, but I spent a lot of time stitching it and I just hope it is safe and well.

Yoyo said...

Gaynor, I do know there is one of those 'registered' mails that the receiving post office signs off and it can be a few days more before the recipient actually gets it. We'll contact your partner if she hasn't posted in a few days. But I wouldn't worry, if it made it to the post office it will likely make it to the house.