Monday, January 4, 2010

Ready for Spring Exchange

I know I am really late in getting this out, but December was simply not a good month for me health wise. I am much better ('cause I know you'll ask) and I'm ready for it to be Spring. I thought by the time we get a new exchange done it will just about be here, so how about "Ready for Spring" for our new exchange?

Sign up for this exchange before January 22 (midnight US central time) and mailing date will be March 1, 2010. That's six weeks and a day -- I like to set the day on Monday just so you won't be late if you miss a Saturday date. To join "Ready for Spring" exchange send e-mail to yoyo_9203 at yahoo dot com. Please put Ready for Spring Exchange in the subject line.

There are still a few exchanges out, so if you have received your exchange please post a message on the board. If you have not received an exchange please let me know and I'll nudge your partner. I have sent a couple of 'nudges' -- you NEED to return my messages! If you are having trouble fulfilling an obligation we can help you out. We all know life happens but let's keep it good for our exchange partners by telling me if your life is happening too fast.

Have a lovely day whereever you are.
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